New Residents

New Residents Onboarding:
You can complete your onboarding video at any time under the resources tab to skip the in person appointments.  Once completed, simply swing by the amenity center to get your amenity key.
New Homeowner(s),
Congratulations and Welcome to Whisper Falls!
You have made a great decision and we are excited that you have chosen to be part of this growing, beautiful, Master Planned Community. Before you move into your new home, we want to familiarize you with the community and help you answer questions you may have about Whisper Falls and the surrounding area.
We are the Whisper Falls Community Management Team
Community Manager Maria Robinson, Lifestyle Director Courtney Leonard, and Community Admin/Compliance Stephanie Sanchez. Together we’re committed to building relationships by bringing people together in the neighborhood. We take pride in in ensuring that Whisper Falls feels like home.
The on-site management team would like to welcome you to the community with a quick meeting and overview of the community, amenities, and the roles of the HOA team. The onboarding meeting may be done via online video and completion of the onboarding quiz. At the end of the meeting please complete the New Resident Packet and sign all association forms/waivers.  Once everything is completed and filled out, swing by the amenity center to provide proof of completion and receive your access card to the facilities. 
Welcome to the neighborhood! We can't wait to get you started living your best life in Whisper Falls. We are here to help you with all things Life at Whisper Falls Related.