Amenity Room Rental

*You must have a facility waiver form completed and an updated 2021 COVID-19 Waiver before the rental is approved. 
Please make sure you have read the rental policy thoroughly. There is no alcohol allowed in the pool area. There is no SALE of Alcohol EVER. If you want to serve alcohol, you must have a licensed and insured bartender serving or have event liability insurance that includes serving alcohol. 
Rental Policy Update
The Association is now accepting Whisper Falls resident rental requests. All rental inquiries will go directly to the Lifestyle Director Courtney Leonard
Whisper Falls residents will be able to request rental dates no later than fourteen (14) days and no sooner than sixty (60) days before your requested date*
*Security and Cleaning Deposits must be received at the time of the rental request and may be made in check or money order format.  Rental Fees themselves will also be collected and time of reservation and must be done so via money order. 
Rentals allow guests access to the areas listed on the Rental Form only.
Residents will be responsible for obtaining any waivers required by the Association and submitting them to the management team no later than the close of business three (3) business days before the rental date.
If waivers are not received in the allotted time, the Association may cancel the reservation request.
Only one (1) daily rental of the amenity room will be reserved and rented for the time being.
*Please keep in mind that rental requests may not be accommodated if community-wide events or programs are scheduled.